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Order Your Copy of the New "Roland VS Recorder Power!" Book from Amazon.com!

This book covers the 3 main series of VS Recorders, including 5 chapters dedicated to the recording, editing, and mixing on the VS-880/890 series.  Hook (that's me wink.gif (135 bytes) ) authored the first 7 chapters of the book:

  • Chapter 1 - History of the VS Workstations
  • Chapter 2 - Overview of the VS Workstation Architecture (applies to all VS workstations - a must read!)
  • Chapter 3 - Introduction To The VS-880/890 Series
  • Chapter 4 - Basic Recording On The VS-880/890 Series
  • Chapter 5 - Editing On The VS-880/890 Series
  • Chapter 6 - Mixing On The VS-880/890 Series
  • Chapter 7 - Finishing Your Project on the VS-880/890 Series

This book provides many examples of using effects (during recording and mixing) and bouncing tracks, and also includes the details of a recording session complete with track sheets.  From plugging in your inputs to creating your final audio CD, all steps are covered in detail.

Visit Amazon.com to find out more information or to order your copy today!

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