Using a Sync Track for Drum Machine Sync to VS

You have to create a sync track first.

I would do this on the Master machine.

Make a simple 4/4 pattern that's 4 measures long.

Then take that pattern and make a song by entering the pattern 100 times in the drum machine of course.

Set the tempo of the song that you want it to play to.

Now on your Master machine, hit the "System button till you get to SYS Sync/Tempo?

Hit yes. You will want this set up.


Syn:Gen.= Sync Tr


Syn:MTC Type=30

Syn: Tmap 1=match the tempo to the song on your drum.

Don't worry about SYS Ofs=

Syn :Sync.Tr Rec?

Hit yes

It will then flash "waiting to start"

Now put your drum machine back to internal clock and go to your song and hit play.

The 880 will automatically start with the drum machine.

Wait until the drum machine plays all 100 patterns of your song.

It's always better to have a longer sync track than your song, that way if you choose to lengthen the tune, you still have more sync track to use.

The beauty of the Sync Track is that unlike the old SMPTE with tape, it doesn't burn up one of your tracks.

It has it's own separate tracks.

When the drum machine is done, put it back to external clock and hook it up to the Master unit with out the Slave involved for now to make sure it all worked.

Hit play on the Master and the song on the Drum machine should start.

Also notice that the Beats and Measures on the VS will match the drum machine!!

Very Cool!!!!!!!

Chris McVey
CrispyTunes, Inc.
Saint Augustine, Fl